Alacati, Cesme

Local hotel with bay window, built with stones selected from the centuries-old structures of Alaçatı. Enjoy Traditional Turkish Breakfast with our organic fruits and vegetables, village jams and stone oven breads. The unique courtyard design and the specially designed pool in the courtyard will give you special moments.


at Unique Designed Rooms and Bungalows


Relax with our unique features

Pool with Cabanas

The specially designed pool with cabanas with the surrounding trees, bougainvilleas, fragrant lemon trees and lavender, offering a very enjoyable space experience.

Garden & Kaleyard

Courtyard and stone mansion designed from historical Alaçatı stones. A very impressive experience with centuries-old olive trees around the courtyard.

Breakfast & Farm

We grow seasonal pesticide-free fruits and vegetables in our 10 thousand m² garden in Izmir. Natural fruits and vegetables are served to you fresh.


Immerse yourself in the Turkish lifestyle and experience the best of Alaçatı.


It is the attraction center of Alaçatı where popular entertainment venues, antique shops, taverns and bars are located.


Various fresh fish caught by local fishermen are sold by auction. It starts at 11:00 every day. Fish are also cleaned by fishermen.


Learn to surf at the surf schools in Port Alaçatı, one of the few world-famous windsurfing areas. Get together with the best surfers.


In the center of Alaçatı, the windmills are in a position where you can see the whole of Alaçatı from above. It is very famous.


The touristic market, which is set up on a very large area in the Köyiçi region, starting in front of our hotel on Saturdays.


Alaçatı walking street. About 1km. in length. There are many taverns and local businesses on the right and left. It is alive all summer.