A Green Oasis Egean Heaven

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A Green Oasis: The Garden of Köşe Konak

Located in the heart of Köşe Konak, our lush green garden offers our guests a peaceful and tranquil environment. It is an ideal place to relax and be at one with nature, in the shade of olive trees, with the scent of lemon trees and among the colorful flowers of bougainvilleas.

The Historical Touch of Olive Trees

The centuries-old olive trees that greet you as you enter our garden create a historical atmosphere. These majestic trees offer a cool environment with their shade, while also making you feel the power and nobility of nature.

The Fresh Scent of Lemon Trees

The lemon trees in a corner of our garden offer our guests a fresh scent. The pleasant smell of lemon blossoms and the vibrant color of yellow lemons add a special beauty to our garden.

A Riot of Colors with Bougainvilleas

The bougainvilleas that adorn the walls of our garden dazzle with their colorful flowers. Bougainvilleas in shades of pink, red, purple and white add joy and liveliness to our garden.

The Pleasant Scent of Jasmines

The jasmine scent that fills the air of our garden gives our guests peace and tranquility. The white flowers of jasmines, in harmony with the colors of bougainvilleas, add a romantic atmosphere to our garden.

A Colorful World of Flowers

The variety of flowers that adorn our garden enchant our guests with their colors and scents. Flowers such as roses, carnations, tulips and hyacinths add a special beauty and liveliness to our garden.

Köşe Konak’s garden is an ideal place to be at one with nature and find peace. Visit Köşe Konak to relax among the greenery, breathe in the scents of lemon and jasmine, and admire the beauty of the colorful flowers.