Alaçatı is a resort town located in the İzmir province of the Aegean Region of Turkey. It is a popular tourist destination with its charming streets, delicious food, and historical texture. One of the elements that makes Alaçatı special is the windmills located in the region, which offer a picture-perfect view.

History of the Windmills:

The history of the windmills in Alaçatı dates back to the 18th century. At that time, grain production was widespread in the region and the mills were used to grind wheat. Windmills offered a very practical grinding method by utilizing the power of the wind.

How Many Windmills Are There in Alaçatı?

It is known that there were more than 20 windmills in Alaçatı in the past. Today, 7 of these mills are still standing. These mills have become a symbol of Alaçatı and are a major tourist attraction that draws the attention of tourists.

Windmills to Visit:

4 of the 7 windmills in Alaçatı are open to visitors. These mills are:

How to Get to the Windmills:

The windmills in Alaçatı are located at different points in the town. You can easily reach the mills by walking or cycling. You can also join the tours organized in Alaçatı to visit the mills.

Interesting Facts About Windmills:

If you are planning to visit Alaçatı, do not leave without seeing the windmills. These historical and impressive structures contribute to the unique atmosphere of Alaçatı.

Before visiting the windmills:

We hope you have a pleasant historical tour with the windmills in Alaçatı!