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About of Koşe Konak

About Us

Köşe Konak has been operating in the hospitality  sector since 2016. We aim to provide the best service to our guests and become a leader in the sector.

Our Values:

  • Guest Satisfaction: The satisfaction of our guests is our top priority. Therefore, we carry out all our activities in a way that meets the needs and expectations of our guests.
  • Quality: We strive to achieve the highest quality in all the products and services we offer. We aim to gain the trust of our guests by providing quality products and services.
  • Reliability: Reliability is one of our most important values. We adhere to the principles of transparency and honesty in all our business processes to gain the trust of our guests.
  • Innovation: We are constantly looking for innovation. We closely follow the developments in the sector and aim to offer our guests the latest and best solutions.
  • Teamwork: We believe that success comes from teamwork. Therefore, we strive to achieve our common goals by working with all our employees in a family environment.


We always appreciate the trust and support of our guests. We will continue to do our best to ensure their satisfaction.


Vision and Mission

To be the most respected and preferred organization in the hospitality sector.

To provide our guests with the highest quality products and services, and to produce solutions in the fastest and most reliable way at the most affordable prices.

As Koşe Konak, we are committed to maintaining and developing our leading position in the sector by adhering to all our values and vision.

We know that the relationship between us and our guests is not just a commercial relationship, but also a relationship based on trust and respect. Therefore, we always strive to maintain open and honest communication with our guests.